What Is the Purpose of Giving Red Roses on Valentine's Day?

Flowers as we know are a vital part of all our celebrations, then how can they not be a part of our valentines day celebration.

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Valentine's Day is a special occasion celebrated all around the world to express love and affection towards our significant others. 14th february has evolved into celebration of love, companionship by exchanging cards, flowers, and gifts with their significant others. Valentines is also about confessing new love and expressing feelings. Flowers as we know are a vital part of all our celebrations, then how can they not be a part of our valentines day celebration. Giving Red Roses on Valentine's Day is a must have flower for valentine's day. Giving red roses has been a years old traditional practice as they are believed to be a symbol of love and passion for centuries now.

Mythological significance

Red roses are considered the quintessential symbol of love, romance and passion. They have been the embodiment of love, passion, and desire for centuries, dating back to Greek and Roman mythology. According to legend, the red roses were the favorite flower of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Cupid, the god of desire.

Why Red roses on Valentine's Day

A beautiful flower with smooth, delicate petals closely packed around the center. This beautiful fairview flower represents the depth of one's feelings towards their loving partner or love interests. The deep red color of the roses symbolizes love, affection, and deep emotions, making them the best flowers for valentine’s day. Giving red roses is the perfect and most classic way to make someone's day special. Also red roses will help you to express unsaid feelings, express your love, devotion, and commitment to your loved partner.

Significance of number of roses

The number of red roses given on Valentine's Day also holds significance. A single red rose symbolizes love at first sight or the beginning of a relationship, while a bouquet from florist decatur ga of a dozen red roses symbolizes complete love and devotion. Giving an odd number of roses represents love that is strong and unending, while giving an even number of roses is considered a sign of balance and harmony in a relationship.

Flowers that compliment red roses well

Roses are without a doubt a great stand alone flower but sometimes they can fall flat. To make the arrangement stand out you can pick flowers that go with roses seamlessly. When it comes to creating a bouquet that includes red roses, there are several flowers that complement their vibrant color and romantic symbolism.

Baby's Breath

This delicate white flower adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to any bouquet. It's also a popular filler flower and helps to balance the overall look of the bouquet. When combined with red roses, the baby's breath creates a nice contrast. You can Shop these flowers for valentines day easily from fairview flower shop.


These long-lasting blooms come in a variety of colors and offer a soft, romantic touch to any bouquet. They also have a sweet fragrance that complements the rich scent of red roses.


These tall, elegant blooms come in a range of colors and add height to a bouquet. Their clean lines and dramatic appearance complement the round shape of roses and add a touch of sophistication.

Giving red roses on Valentine's Day is a timeless tradition which never fails to impress. But combining roses with these beautiful flowers will surely make a mark. Valentine's Day Flowers with delivery in decatur ga will make it more simpler for you.

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